A Comment on Carbon

•January 24, 2007 • 1 Comment

In the blog “British supermarket chain to “carbon label” all products” posted in the Terrablog, the author explains that a major British supermarket chain called Tesco will start labeling all the products it carries with the amount of carbon each item produces.  The idea is that consumers will compare products and their carbon amounts to decide which products to purchase.  This is a major step in informing the public about the amount of carbon that is generated in the manufacturing, packaging, and transporting of consumer goods.  Although the idea when first heard sounds a bit over-the-top, maybe it will have an impact on what people choose to buy.  If consumers can read on a label how much carbon the item produces, maybe they will choose to purchase an alternative that generates less carbon.  I do see a problem here with the whole idea even though it does sound good.  First of all, many people don’t read the labels on food items, they merely purchase what they want regardless of what the label says.  Second, like the author of the article said, people may not understand what the carbon amount means.  Although global warming is indeed a hot topic at the moment, there are many people who probably do not know the proposed ideas behind global warming or just don’t care.  In order for this to work, global warming needs to be an issue that the public takes seriously and that has not happened as of yet. 

The article on which I have commented came from the environmental blog section under Terrablog.  This blog addresses global warming issues.  The blog site does contain advertising that promotes reducing energy use to fight against global warming.  There is no information regarding the author of the article. 


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